Last Chance today for you to get your fix

Last Chance today for you to get your fix

Goodies will be gone after Midnight

If you are a visitor of you received the announcement of what is going to happen yesterday, if not I am giving you a fair chance to dig out your credit card now and reach for as many of the 300 Goodies that are available at

Once the clock strikes Midnight on My end I am going to delete and remove every single one of those Goodies available there for good. They will NOT return, they are not being merely archived to be brought back another day. They go into My private Storage for good and will never be accessible to you again.

So I strongly suggest you go look now and get your fetish quick fix while you can. This is not a test, this is not a drill, this is the real deal.

Your deadline to indulge and purchase by is Midnight tonight Oregon Time, after that if you missed out you have only yourself to blame.

Goddess Bella Donna

The importance and art of appreciation!

The importance and art of appreciation!

Without it you will ruin your chances!

gbd-8-13-2016-57 To be honest I could have placed this post on any of my many blogs, but in this realm it is the most important and ironically also the one that has the most individuals who have lost the art of appreciation.

I say ironic, because most Fetishists, BDSM type submissives and even clients have nowhere near the problem with being appreciative and showing their appreciation as those who claim to have a financial fetish interest. Financial Domination or Fetish being the one arena where tributing financially or via material gifts is a major part of the whole and the core arousal for both sides (the one who is on the bottom and gives, as well as the one on the Top who receives), has the least appreciative individuals in it. Sad really, because that means you are ruining your chances from the very start.

I have said it at least a million times that most of My highest contributing to My financial welfare and happiness overall boys and sissies are not in fact financial subs, cashpets or paypigs.

They do not gain sexual arousal or humiliation turn on from tributing and spoiling Me, but do so because it is simply part of their service to Me and a way of assuring that I am well provided for by them as submissives and slaves would wish to do.

They do it purely for ME because that is what I desire and that is what allows Me to be a little less stressed out and gives Me the opportunity to enjoy My traveling rather then being forced to work all the time.  Proper show of love and appreciation for Me as their Goddess.

Let’s understand the ART of appreciation however and these days it really is an Artform that has gone to the wayside a lot, but is the deciding factor in your success of ever being claimed by a Lady of Power with higher standards. In many cases it is even often times the only way you have to even get noticed, since let’s remember we are online and there are billions of people just shades on the screen of our consciousness.

Appreciation shows that you are not just taking a person you respect, adore, worship, follow, or otherwise feel drawn to, learn from or wish to have interaction with or attention from, for granted.

Now in the financial fetish there are boys who of course get off on the idea of being used financially while being taken utterly for granted, but those are in actually a small handful in the big scheme of things. Oh sure we see hundreds of them proclaiming that is what they want, but when push comes to shove only very few actually will really enjoy it or can even follow through with their fantasy.

The reality is that no matter what you call yourself or identify as in any area of fetish or even just real life, nobody enjoys the feeling of being taken for granted. Depending on the actual situation it can lead to feelings of resentment, getting tired of providing anything that another person may enjoy, or even growing sick of putting any further effort in. Basically when someone is being constantly taken for granted for what they do, it is a death sentence for any further interaction with those who have done so.

Showing appreciation is a strong positive motivator for the one whom you have shown the appreciation to to continue to give in some way and to continue to put in effort to move the connection forward or even start it.

As a Lady I will withdraw My attention and effort from those who do not show Me any type of appreciation after a while. I will move on to someone who does or to a place where I am appreciated. Leaving the ungrateful ingrates behind. This is a very natural behavior of someone who actually knows and understands their worth.

There are many forms of showing appreciation that don’t even necessarily cost you a lot of money either if any at all.

It actually begins with the utilization of basic manners.

If someone gives you something or allows you access to something that is of value in some way (be that a Photo, an article that made you think or taught you something, an acknowledgement of your existence that you haven’t even tributed for as a boy yet, an Audio that allows you to hear Her voice, or any number of other things) the least you can do it “thank” that person. Acknowledge that you realize that She didn’t have to take the time to give you something that you were in no way entitled to, but she did out of the goodness of heart. A simple “Thank you Goddess” for (whatever it was) is a FREE show of appreciation and acknowledgement that you have appreciated HER time and effort.

For US Ladies it is not out of bounds to thank a boy for  a tribute he has made to you, or any other valuable to US service he has provided. Key here is VALUABLE TO US (the individual Lady). No matter how he sees himself in the end he still wants to know that he has been a good boy and that you were pleased by him. That’s common sense.

Another way of showing your appreciation that will not cost you any money is to help her expand her reach. If you think she is someone to be respected, admired and worthy of service then why would you not feel led to tell others about Her? You can do so via retweeting, posting links to Her posts or placing them in fetish correct forums or any other place that might help her gain followers who might be useful to Her success. Create a creative tribute to Her that includes a way for other to contact Her or read Her content. Be tasteful about it and remember SHE is a Goddess so show some class about it.  Contribute it where others might see it.

Leave a note on her posts and tell Her that way what you appreciate about Her and adore about Her the most. Don’t be afraid to own your respect and adoration for Her.

If you can afford it then show your thanks by either sending her a  financial gift via one the options she uses or purchase a gift for Her from Her wishlist. It doesn’t have to be huge, even something small with a note of Thank you for all you do, will be sure to make Her smile.

Don’t ignore when She asks for help with something, be it getting a new venue out, a contribution financially to something that is important to Her even if it doesn’t arouse you or benefit you. Those are the things She’ll remember the most.

Most of all have HER back when She is not feeling at Her best. Remember WE are human being too and nothing hurts more then when you show yourself as a fair weather friend or follower. Standing by Her and continuing to show Her that you appreciate Her for who She is and what She does is very important.

Let me say it again. If you are someone who never shows appreciation in a way that is valuable to Her in some way, you will find that you sooner or later will no longer be able to reach for what She has to offer.

For example on My Blogs I have been known to put MY foot down and lock articles up that you had to pay to fully read, because I would see loads of clicks and no show of appreciation at all. I treat people the way they treat Me always. You show Me that you appreciate Me and I will continue to show MY appreciation by writing, adding photos, and do all sorts of fun things along with educating your minds.

It’s never a one way street. It has to be both ways always….

Goddess Bella Donna

Financial Domination and Protocols?

Financial Domination and Protocols?

New Age thinking meet OLD SCHOOL

gbd9202016c In BDSM in general when building a D/s Relationship it is not one bit unusual to introduce Protocols into the training and condition of the submissive partner. These days they may not be as frequent any longer or even as detailed as they once were, but they are still in existence.

What you don’t see a lot if ever is inclusion of Protocols in a Financial Domination type D/s relationship. Especially with the much relaxed and often times more “rinsing” fetish aspect of it. Truthfully most wouldn’t even know what a Protocol is let alone create Protocols that will fit the situation you find yourself in.

Yes Protocols are very old school these days and it requires a Lady of Power to have those old school teachings and understanding in order to implement them.

Why would you have Protocols and what exactly do they do? Are all Protocols the same? Will the same Protocols be used in all situation? Are there differences between the various sets of Protocols? All those are legit questions and something most people wouldn’t even realize they should be asking.

So let’s go through some of those questions shall we?

Why would you have Protocols and what exactly do they do?

Protocols are set actions you perform at various times, in various situations and during different interactions with your Lady or other individuals. They help the submissive individual to find structure and gives them the knowledge how to behave and how to bring honor to his Lady without fear of doing or saying something wrong. For an outsider who only beholds those Protocols being enacted and who has at least some understanding of the D/s or M/s dynamic they are beautiful visually and also without ever being told can see the actual standing of each individual performing them. They are also a showcase of just how well a submissive is trained.

Which also brings up the point that training and conditioning the submissive partner into the Protocols they will learn to make second  nature to them (doing it without having to actually think about it – it becomes natural behavior to them) takes a lot of time, effort on both sides, and is a very deeply intimate and meaningful aspect of the entire training. Now you combine a physical action with a deeply mentally and often psychological aspect, which deepens the entire connection between both sides as well.

For online it helps the submissive partner to actually feel deeper connected to his Lady and makes it more real since it is not just a quick hard cash withdrawal, but actually part of forming that relationship which is the core of the Financial Domination Relationship they have with one another. There is nothing painful about them in any way either which is a major worry for many boys who are not interested in anything physically painful.

It also helps the submissive partner to be focused on his Lady and remain focused on his Lady throughout the times he is unable to be near her.  Something that is sorely missing in many areas of Financial Domination especially online.

Are all Protocols the same and will they all be used all the time?

No they are not. I usually separate them in 3 categories and the submissive partner will have to learn all 3 categories over time.

Low Protocols which are in 2 categories:

The intimate Protocols are used during actual servitude to the Lady or scene time if you wish. Those are personal and will never be viewed in this aspect by anyone besides those participating.

The low protocols of general interactions or during a time when you are not able to be in direct contact with your Lady while performing a worshipful action or service that is a order to be done on a regular base for Her. These protocols will be visible to those in the vicinity of both perhaps but not necessarily . They help the submissive Partner to shift from “mundane” to “submissive” mindset or help him keep fully functional as a submissive to her while taking care of his every day life without compromising himself. Those are the ones you will be doing the most and which will not necessarily be even obvious as such to other people who are not in the know.

High Protocols
High Protocols are protocols that are in action when you are together in a public setting and where other people who have at least a base understanding of BDSM and / or Financial Domination can see it. Those are High Protocols will allow the submissive to be clearly seen as belonging to his Lady without it having to be said out loud and will allow him to interact with her without interrupting the flow of conversations between superiors. In real time BDSM you would see those mostly during a Play Event or BDSM Gathering, during a Femdom Event, or during a munch. Online you’d see this in Chatrooms, Social Media or any other visible to other individual arenas where the interaction between the Lady and HER submissive partner becomes visible.

Low Protocols have to be created by the Lady to be in conjunction with what their personal relationship will be like and what is possible for the submissive to do keeping his circumstances and physical abilities is in mind. You can’t just slap someone elses or something you read and parrot it or it becomes meaningless. Protocols are all about the deeper meaning for both sides involved.

High Protocols often are at least based on various traditions that can be recognized by those who are familiar with those traditions. However they are still adjusted and maintained by the personal wishes and demands of the Goddess.

When do I begin conditioning or training someone into Protocols?

Since this is something that will require a lot of time, effort and a look to a future as D and s together, I do not even begin to condition or train someone into the various protocols until I know they are sincere and are looking for a long standing D/s relationship with Me.

Basically it won’t happen until you have already committed yourself to Me exclusively and have provided service to Me for at least 6 months and are being considered for UC (under consideration).

Protocols is something you train a submissive in if they are working towards their collar with you and not before. The higher the status of the various Collars go the deeper and more meaningful the Protocols will become. Protocols are truly an outward and inward depiction of the relationship between Myself and My sub(s) not unlike the honor of you wearing MY collar.

Here so instead of wearing a piece of leather or jewelry it is your actions and behaviors that proclaim you to be the wonderful treasure by My feet and under my control.

I am a old school Goddess who has integrated some of the new age options in order to allow you to find a place in My Realm. It takes submissive men and sissies of a very particular mindset and need to be claimed and taken by Me as My own to be able to successfully make it to this point and then continue the full way to being owned by Me.

Protocols regardless of BDSM Goddess or Financial Domination Goddess are part of that process with Me.

Don’t confuse it with Fetish only, because that is something a lot different and in Fetish only interactions the connections will never be truly as deep as in the actual D/s relationships.

D/s Relationships encompass everything and combine to halves into one beautiful whole. Fetish interactions are purely about quick fix play in which you get your fix and I get mine as well as paid for allowing you a moment of feeling submissive to Me.

Goddess Bella Donna

So you want to be exposed

So you want to be exposed

Humiliating fun under My control


There are so many of you little humiliation junkies out there. You know boys and sissies who just love to show off on Cam and in Photos while debasing and humiliating them-selves in order to amuse the Lady or Ladies they contact.

That doesn’t mean however that everyone wants their shit spread all over the internet. Matter of fact the number of actual full on Exposure sluts is relatively small. At least in My experience. They want to expose their nasty naughty slutty and pathetic side to Me, but not necessarily to the rest of you out there. It’s called the right to privacy and no matter what some think, it’s something that the Lady needs to respect.

One thing that everyone needs to remember is that once something is made public on the internet it won’t go away that fast and in some cases will remain for years in a cache system. With other words I can put it on My blog, you pay Me a removal fee, I take it down, but there is no way I can remove the original post link from any Social Media that it may have gotten pushed out to and if the Spiders already picked the photo up it is in the Search Engine Caches now. There is zero I can do about it. So that is something I always make sure the actual exposure sluts understand. Now if they listen when their dicks are hard and the sissy prissy drools, that’s a totally different thing. Still I did my part so.

Now let’s say you are one of those naughty nasty little exhibitionistic humiliation junkies and sissy sluts, you are going to just drool at the thought of having your pathetic spread all over the internet.

You get hard just thinking about having a space on the Wall of Shame, or in some special cases be “sold off” to other perverts via Picture Slideshows with My Voice narrating and ridiculing you on an MP3 or via different creative ways of capitalizing on your desperate need for attention from total strangers.

Getting hard and having the courage to do it so is as always 2 different things. Still let’s assume you have the balls or the desperation to go through with it, what do I require from you in order to get the opportunity?

  1. You are going to pay Me for the privilege of showing off to Me and being exposed by Me and essentially cyber whored out by Me. I am not about to do it for free. We both need to get something out of it and I am going to put time and effort in to make sure you are in the humiliation spotlight until a bigger slut or more creative bitch boy comes along and takes your place. We all like the new toys don’t we?
  2. I am not interested in the same photos you have already given to dozens of other Ladies. Seriously that is lame and boring. If you really want to stand out and be exposed you need to put in the effort to give Me something unique to play with and have fun with. How is it even exciting if I can find the exact same photo of you from 5 years ago on 15 different websites? No I want to offer the audience fresh morsels of your special brand of “WTF – Now that is just … pick an adjective that describes you”.
  3. I want you to have a sense of humor when we do the Skype Session together if I take the Screenshots and not just be a one trick pony. Let’s say we do a cum eating exposure. There are dozens of ways to pull that one off that isn’t the same ole shit that every other nasty cum eating loser does, but you have to listen to Me when I order it and obey without getting your panties in a bunch. Remember I see the cum eating freaks more than you do, I know what has already been done a million times. This is about exposure,, you want to stick out.
  4. Make sure your camera is clear and you actually get the important things on it. If I am taking the Pics off the Skype Webcam Session make sure your CAM IS CLEAR. I can’t take a good pic that displays you in all your nasty naughtiness if your cam is filthy so all I am getting is fuzzy smears.
  5. Most importantly you need to actually let go and get into it. Some of the greatest Photos and Humiliation Skype Session where you are the nasty show off Star for Me are the ones where the sissy or boy really gets into the spirit of things. If I am taking pics or recording I will let you know that I am, but I won’t tell you when I start the Process or end it. It’s those “caught in the act” ones that are the very best rather then the posed for the camera ones.

Oh and I don’t always have to be on Cam to watch you make a fool of yourself, but I am at least on the MIC with with you, because let’s face it you love to hear Me laugh and tease you. If I do exposure most of the time I won’t have My cam on because it makes the Skype connection run smoother if only one person is on at times. This isn’t about Me being in the Spotlight, it’s about you playing the fool for Me and then be slutted around to all those who come to visit My Blog or watch My timelines or well buy content from Me if you are good enough to be sold off that way. By the way only 2 Sissies ever were deemed slutty enough to have that honor.

Now if you are unable to do new and exciting you need to use the Fast Path to Exposure option instead. It’ll cost you $100 to get ONE PIC of yourself up on My Wall of Shame unless you are really something adorably pathetic and special then I may put up more than one. IN general so it’s one pic if you can’t do the Skype Show and the new sluttery and tomfoolery.

The more fun it becomes for Me and the better you do, the naughtier and unique, the more exposure you’ll get.

Now if you want the pleasure you can visit with Me on Skype at MizBellaDonna2you … bring your Wallet, your webcam and your toys, clothing etc. You tribute, get on cam and I’ll put you through your paces while getting the exposure content that will make you go down in loser infamy.

Goddess Bella Donna


Amazon Tribute Gifts arrived today

Amazon Tribute Gifts arrived today

A promise held

Most of you know that I don’t usually put up “Tribute porn” or show when I receive Gifts from My Amazon Wishlists, but in this case I do have to make an exception since I did promise I would since the piggy boy asked about knowing when they came in and hinted that he’d love to see it.

Considering he did buy them from MY Pantry Wishlist I am in agreement and think he deserves that little treat. Makeup and a dress came in from a making Goddess smile gift from sissy K.J. as well and so I just put them all together in this one photo.


I know I will be enjoying all of those items! Now who wants to make Me smile next and clear out a few more of My Wishlist items?

Goddess Bella Donna desires (catch all list)

Items I want first from this one is a couple more dresses, the Panties and Bras,  the South Park Episode and one of the pairs of high heels.

Makeup Wishlist:

There are only 4 items on there left. I’d like that cleared out!

Pantry Wishlist:

Right now My most wanted on this one are the Teas and The Healthy Snack Care Package.

Goddess Bella Donna


Oh how the times have changed

Oh how the times have changed

Some musings and updates

I would advise you to go and get yourself a cup of coffee or tea as well as go and use the restroom before starting to read this. It may be a little longer than my usual. (Dies laughing at your expressions and the thought of …do I even want to read this? She is long winded as is!)


For the last few weeks I haven’t been writing here or on my two other main blogs. I haven’t because I have started working on a big project for the sissies and femmi bois among you. It turns out to be a huge undertaking and today I realized that a lot of how I wanted to pull it off was not going to work in today’s era of super cheap quick fixes and lazy reading attitudes.

I was working on building up an online Academy, with actual full courses and give a full experience as much as anyone can online to those who wished to partake of it. Late last night I sat in front of my laptop after completing the 20th hour of the work I had put into already and I am only 3 Pages in, and realized this wasn’t going to work this way. I was wasting my time with this in a bad way.

Why? Because I am the type of person that is extremely detailed and highly organized. I have a huge love for protocols and regimentation in how I do certain things that include those under my care. I am the type of person who naturally attempts to bring solid structure to everything I do and when I train, teach and condition in something I build things up from the foundation. Basically I am very old school in my approach in how I do things myself and how I want things done.

I bring this type of protocol and regimentation into just about everything I do to a certain extent. Even in how I do actual Financial Domination with My financial SLAVES. Not so much with the fetish boys and one offs, because there it doesn’t matter. They won’t be around to build anything with them. They are just little bleeps on the screen of that appear quickly – cum quickly – and leave even quicker. With Slaves whom you form a D/s relationship with, even those that include Financial Domination, you need to include protocols and regimentation to a degree to give the structure you build for them a good solid ground.

It’s an immense amount of time investment and effort I as the Lady put into everything I do, and with that type of time investment sadly I need to see a return financially as well. This is My Lifestyle but My Career as well. If I was working a regular job somewhere I couldn’t even put 1/4 of the things I do  to fruition  and put out there for others to enjoy and / or learn from.  It wouldn’t be possible time and energy wise. When I say I live this life 24/7 / 365 I literally do. Heck I even dream about the things I do for and with you boys and girls. This is My life and yes when you make that choice you do make sacrifices as well. Not just the subs, the Dom/mes make them too. You just don’t see it.

My foster father was a Master Mason (Bricklayer) and I remember him taking me to some of the Construction Zones when I was really little. He would point to the foundation of the houses and tell me. “Remember this in everything you do. If the foundation is unstable or on unsuitable ground any structure you build on it will be weak and can crumble easily. Your house or structure is only as strong as its foundation. You have to be very precise and methodical in how you lay a foundation. You can’t just do what you want at that point. You are taking a huge responsibility on yourself when you lay that foundation. You are creating the ground work for something special and important that will effect not just you but other people as well.”

As I matured and had my life experiences I saw the truth in this over and over again. Things that were just sort of thrown together, had little effort put into from the start, or were rushed through, wouldn’t last long. Things and relationships that were without a strong and solid foundation and with that a strong structure, were doomed to go sideways and fail to remain strong.

Back than when I was that very young person times were very different and especially in the country I grew up in. People still took pride in everything they did. They didn’t mind hard work as long as they knew it would pay off for them. Nobody likes to work for free without some sort of reward from it. The attitude however was different. They knew they were entitled to fair numeration for their work, but they also knew that you had to put effort and hard work into getting what you wanted from anything in life. They took pride in doing a job and doing it well. They understood not only rights but obligations as well.

Unlike today, were everyone seems to think they are entitled to have everything handed to them for free and just on the merit of them having been born. Honestly that type of thought process is one weak as hell foundation to build anything on. That house will fall sooner than later. Theses days everyone ones seems to want to have their rights while taking the rights of others away and want the perks without the obligations and responsibilities. We live in a time that is so riddled with ignorance and selfishness, with pure senselessness and without any logic and foresight. It’s all about the instant gratification and who can scream the loudest. It’s insane and it will be what destroys humanity in the end. It’s terrifying to watch.

When I first entered in the BDSM Lifestyle back in 1992 it wasn’t a fad yet. Oh it wasn’t underground as much any longer as it had been before, but it was still very toned down. You had do know someone, or know someone who knew someone, to get into different Dungeon spaces. You needed references to be seen by a Mistress for a Session. You actually listened and appreciated your Mentors or Trainers if you had them. Oh and you did pay for it to. You didn’t just ask for or demand  handouts. You would have been laughed out of the room if you tried that back than.

No you either paid money for the training or you paid by being of service to them. You trained up from the bottom literally, one step at a time, so you could understand what you were doing and appreciate both sides. It was a very solid foundation on which you than could go and build. Oh and trust me when I tell you, bottoming down to someone when you don’t have a submissive bone in your body and you are new without any real understanding sucks big time. However it actually installs something that people don’t get today. It makes you grateful and even humble to a point. It also installs an immense amount of respect into you for other people who deserve it.

I come from a generation and a time frame, an attitude, a way of seeing things, that these days is not one bit appreciated. Matter of fact it is often laughed at and told that our days are gone.

We are told that we should just go and retire. That we are obsolete because we don’t understand how things work in these much more enlightened days.

We are told that we are stupid and foolish for being respectful to other people as women especially to men, because we as women are so superior to everyone else. We are just the cat’s meow apparently.

We are told that our power sits in our boobs, asses and naked pussies which we throw around online for free to proof the point that women can be just as empowered to be free with their bodies as guys can. We are told that we only have to flip our fingers, call everyone we don’t even know losers, and talk shit to individuals whom we have no idea who they are. We are told a whole bunch of seriously stupid stuff that makes absolutely no sense any more.

We are told that women are now ruling the world and I am looking around myself and see only a bunch of over-inflated egos with very little actual backup. I appreciate it as a lifestyle choice and a fetish as well, but as a overall rule that includes human beings that have no idea what those lifestyle choices are about, not so much. Half of those women can’t even take care of themselves who scream those propaganda phrases they picked up from somewhere online and still live with their Mommy and Daddy.

I see women claiming to be Femdom Goddesses but tear each other apart like fishmongers at the drop of a hat, but ask them what SSC or RACK stands for, what AFTERCARE is, what at top drop is, what sub space means or other really basic questions and they look at you as if you are speaking a foreign to them language. Worst yet, they don’t even want to learn because they are of the believe that just because they are females they are worthy of worship and being spoiled. Beauty without substance.

It’s so removed from reality that it’s painful to watch and the women who have bought into this hook line and sinker actually really think that those guys who praise them for showing off their naked bodies for free in the hopes for a couple of dollars, really worship them. It’s insanity! They are praising you because they are getting exactly what they want from you for FREE and they don’t even have to go to a strip club any more or bother to hire a Webcam Performer to get naked for them in order to get their cheap thrills.

We wonder why males have almost no respect for females any longer and why they provide nothing more than lip service. We wonder why males are less and less men and more and more entitled little shits too who wouldn’t know what being responsible and respectful means. Take a good look around you, where do you think they learned it from? YOU so called  superior women, you are teaching them how to be, because you are leading by example.

It makes me sick to the core.

I and many Ladies of my generation or the generation before me have somewhat high standards. For ourselves and those who are permitted to be in contact with us. We worked hard to get you where you are now, to break those path open, to give legitimacy to something that was pretty obscure.  We did it with class, hard work, and a lot of effort. We also knew when we had accomplished the goals and didn’t yank it way into the left field and out of the solar system.

I come from a generation that looked for quality rather than quick fixes and cheap thrills. We payed fair prices in order to gain access t the things we wanted without whining and throwing fits about it.

We grew up with: You get what you pay for.  Nothing in life is free, you have to work for what you want. The world doesn’t owe you shit, you are not special, you don’t get special privileges. We all get the same thing… an opportunity the make our life the best we can and at times that means clawing your way out of a lot of shit and really sacrificing for a while and putting in some seriously hard work to get there.

Most of us in the Lifestyle understood that someone may be a Dom/me or a sub / slave, but that didn’t mean they were yours. People didn’t just throw the word owned around like it was candy. Collars were something special and something you had to earn and work for. When you placed a collar around the neck of a slave it was a very special moment, one that neither took lightly or forgot. It was like a Wedding of sorts. Something you hoped would last for the rest of your life together and were willing to work hard on keeping it good together. It was a deep commitment, unlike today where most people have no idea what a collar even stands for. To them it’s just cute leather jewelry.

Subs get OWNED after 2 days of knowing a Lady .. what the fuck? What exactly do you know about each other after 2 days? Almost nothing! You don’t own someone you don’t know. You have no connection with them yet, you haven’t even gone through one single bad time together to see who each side handles it. You probably haven’t even heard one single thing about their personal life yet. Oh and do you even know how much responsibility you just took for that submissive or slave soul by claiming them as Property? That is what owned means  – they are now your Property. That comes with a huge amount of responsibility and understanding of the needs of the other person.

These days so called subs and slaves in general watch porno, stroke off their dicks, rub their clits, and think kissing someones ass is service. They think that telling a woman what he or she thinks she wants to hear is being a good boy or girl. They honestly believe that 24/7/365 means they get to stay home, never work again and be played with constantly. They honestly think that it is all due them and that they have to put almost no effort into anything. It’s hilarious what they think is a D/s relationship these days. Oh and if they don’t like what you have to say or they don’t enjoy doing something because it is difficult and requires a bit of effort, they just disappear. NO by your leave or anything. They aren’t subs or slaves, they are entitled spoiled little children in grown up bodies and have no clue what it means to actually have a the slave spark or what that even is.

Someone asked me so how many slaves do you have right now? I looked at that person and said. At them moment I do not have a single slave. I have a lot of fetishists and casual weekend warriors whom I interact with and give the benefit of my knowledge and wisdom to for a fee. It has been now about 10 years since I had an ACTUAL slave and I miss HER dearly. Yes a Her, and she was truly a slave from the very heart on out. The last actual MALE SLAVE who wore MY collar with pride and respect I have to go back 18 years now. In between I had a lot of subs here and there, both real time and online, but none of them were actual slaves.

That answer went straight over the young womans head and she went on to brag to me how she has been in the scene for less than a year now but she has about 30 slaves right now. None of whom she has known longer than maybe 3 months and none whom she has spend more than maybe 60 hours in total with online. Oh and training them? Well her idea of training them was to tell them that she is perfect, superior, to lick her feet (which would have to be done on screen because she is online only) and oh yes to fucking pay her because she is so fabulous. *Raises eyebrow*

Welcome to the new World Order, is all I can say and it makes me wonder just how much more ridiculous it is going to get.

You glorify foolishness and entitlement, you disdain experience and wisdom. You do not appreciate those who deserve it and you literally throw pearls before swine. You scream for connections, but you won’t take the time to build them. You want your desires met but you are not willing to pay for it in any way. You scream for respect and being understood, but you give neither respect or have any understanding at all. You demand for the world to coddle you and to give you whatever you want, but when you will go out into the real world and have to survive you will be eaten up alive.

You know, I appreciate all the advances we have made as human beings, but I bemoan the solid foundations we once used to have. YOu scream how hard you have it these days and most of you wouldn’t know what hard times are. You have it easier today than most people ever have had. You just are not getting it your way and you need to actually think a little before acting. You may actually have to work hard to build up a business and learn to do it all yourself or you may have to go and take a job you think is beneath you to survive. You know what you aren’t special, WE all have to as well, only those of us who are around long enough to remember back a ways, realize that it always has been that way. We don’t expect to have it just handed to us, we work for it. YES even US Femdom / Findommes do because we realize that it takes effort to keep a relationship sweet for both sides.

I want you to think about all of what I said and I want both sides to take a moment and look at why you are not getting what you want. Why you keep getting so disappointed all the time. Why you are not being respected and why our Scene is not getting better but is just morphing into something with very little meaning.

Maybe you need a dose of OLD SCHOOL along with your NEW AGE APPROACH. it could make all the difference in the world.

Most of us OGs have been around for 20 plus years now and we are still here and active. Most of you won’t be even thought of in 3 years from now.  Most of OGs won’t really ever retire either, we’ll still be around until our bodies and minds give out. We’ll be around for those few and lucky boys and sissies who truly dream of being under the loving but strict control of a Lady who understands their needs and who lives what she says she does. We understand the symbiotic nature of D/s and we understand what we are worth too.

Ever wonder why most Ladies of Power who have that 20 plus year experience levels charge so much or have such high standards when it comes to how they want to be served and the tributes they expect? That’s because we are truly priceless and worth more than you’ll ever know due to our understanding and wisdom alone. We actually did pay our dues i spades and didn’t just jump into the WATER and scream… fuck you pay me, here I am worship me. We gave our slaves something worth worshiping that transcends our bodies.

Just a little food for thought and now I am going back to working on my new Project and on educating as well as enticing the minds and hearts of those who have the patience to actually read what a woman of Power has to say.

Congratulations to those of you who made it all the way to the end of this long post. You are a rarity among today’s people. You have the patience and willingness to stick it out even when it gets a bit difficult to go on. So in a word this was not just a long ass “rant” but also a test. You passed!

Goddess Bella Donna


Dicktaxology yes all you boys are subject to it!

Hello my sweet little wanker are you ready for a little humiliation equation Goddess Bella Donna style? Well I sure hope you are, because these are the basics of your existence. The very pathetic truth about your dick and the bitch nature that always ends up leaving you friend zoned and financially drained. Now luckily for you I am in a very good mood today and will allow you stroke along while I hit you with a little debasing math which is always going to be at the core of your “home alone jerk off loser” nature. Get your cum-fountain-pen into your hands so you can be sure to take dick-tations. I do dislike having to repeat myself buttercup, if I do it gets really expensive for you. Ready?

Get that pen primed and pumped up because here is the first truth that you may have already suspected but always need to see, read or hear from a woman.

This document holds various Dick Taxations, stroke allotments with chants for the various applicable Taxation Categories, and further options to go even deeper into each category.

This is for all of My humiliation junkies out there! Get it now! ALL males are subject to dick taxes!


When guys just add Me on Skype

It takes less than 10 minutes to bid you a friendly good bye!

Skype is a funny place isn’t it? Like any public place where guys can just pick you out of a directory when they are feeling lonely or horny, it can get rather entertaining to give a male a quick insight of the importance of reading before you go willy nilly adding a woman you don’t even know. Especially when HER Skype Profile READS as Professional Dominatrix and makes it clear that HER time is not for FREE.

Of course in the heat of the moment, when the one eyed monster rears its needy little head those things just seem of no importance to the pour soul who is so desperate for a bit of female companionship.

Oh I am never rude with those lost puppets – the first time around – and there rarely is a second since after that I block.

So here is an example for you of how a Lady can give you the FINGER in a very polite way that says … See you later fool!

10 minutes including wait times for him to think of something “clever” to say to Me.

[8:14:30 PM] Mark-Anthony Roy: How are you?
[8:14:57 PM] Goddess Bella Donna: I am well and yourself?
[8:15:18 PM] Mark-Anthony Roy: I’m goo
[8:15:31 PM] Mark-Anthony Roy: Nice to meet you here
[8:15:34 PM] Goddess Bella Donna: well that is always fun being goo… straight face
[8:15:46 PM] Goddess Bella Donna: Do I know you?
[8:16:33 PM] Mark-Anthony Roy: My name is Mark-Anthony Roy, I am Originally from Italy but I reside in the state California
[8:17:03 PM] Goddess Bella Donna: Well that is quiet a chance of location isn’t it? Have I spoken to you before and how did you find Me?
[8:17:15 PM] Goddess Bella Donna: change of location even
[8:18:11 PM] Mark-Anthony Roy: And you?
[8:19:07 PM] Goddess Bella Donna: Wait you mean you have no idea who I am before you added Me?
[8:19:13 PM] Mark-Anthony Roy: I know you might be wondering how i got your ID name on skype
[8:19:31 PM] Goddess Bella Donna: The Question did cross My mind yes
[8:20:00 PM] Mark-Anthony Roy: I was in a search of a very good friend that bears a similar name with you, so i found you coincidentally
[8:21:41 PM] Goddess Bella Donna: Oh dear, which means you just figured might as well add Me without having any clue who or what I am. Well let Me help you out. I am a Professional Femdom as well as Findomme. My websites are, and I also utilize Niteflirt under as My PHone Domination and Fetish Platforms
[8:22:29 PM] Mark-Anthony Roy: I was attracted by your profile..
Sorry for barging into your privacy
[8:22:30 PM] Goddess Bella Donna: All of that should give you an indication that MY Skype is for those who are looking for professional domination / fetish sessions as well as financial domination sessions… which translates to I get paid to give My attention to those who seek Me out
[8:22:50 PM] Goddess Bella Donna: No harm done. I wish you a wonderful evening
[8:23:12 PM] Mark-Anthony Roy: We can be good friends if you don’t mind?
[8:23:57 PM] Goddess Bella Donna: You missed all that I wrote above didn’t you dear boy. I am not looking for online friends, this is MY Business Skype account. If you are not a client or one of My paying slaves you don’t belong here
[8:24:37 PM] Goddess Bella Donna: Again I wish you a wonderful evening and good luck finding online women who seek nothing but friendship

Wasn’t I nice and polite? I think I was rather classy about it!

Goddess Bella Donna

Nastiest cum eater pic contest winner

Well now another contest came to a close.  Congratulations to all of you who entered each one of you are spectacularly slutty and pathetic.

What I noticed and why I am personally ONLY posting the WINNER this time is that just about all of you who have entered did pretty close to the same thing. For Me personally it lacked in shall we say creativity and being willing to stand out.

Remember sluts *and yes most of those who entered were slut sissies* you are competing for attention and being recognized. When you do the same thing like all the other sluts it becomes shall we say “average”. Average is NOT worthy of being displayed.

So here without further ado is the official winner and ONLY BOY who actually did something even a little different then the rest. Oh no whining I had given you all clues as to what I wanted to see because let’s face it you sperm junkers need hand holding big time to learn how to amuse a Goddess.


Goddess Bella Donna

Revamping some pages


Time to revamp some pages here on and add some new amazing stuff again.  Haha those who know Me so well are sitting there laughing right now. Why? Well because they know Goddess is a Webmaven at work constantly. I like keeping things fresh and new. It’s fun for Me and well I am always about doing things that are FUN FOR ME!

Lucky for you that many of My interests give you the opportunity to be included and entertain Me in your sweetly pathetic ways. Oh and you all so love to entertain Me don’t you? *Smirks*

So no fretting dears because some of the pages are down for right now. Everything will have a fresh code of internet paint by the evening and you get to prance and oink your way around in Goddess Bella Donna’s Pay Me Piggy Heaven again.

Toodles for now!

Goddess Bella Donna

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