Best and Worst Pic Contest Results

Best and Worst Pic Contest Results

Meet the Winner & a couple of runner ups!



Well, well, well the contest is now closed and I have to say that this was a fine parade of sissy sluts, sissy dickie hoes, and gherkin brigade.  We even had a “Blind Duck Entry”….

Now I will show you the WINNER and 2  of the runner ups Basically the ones WE thought were the funniest. The photos which are shown off here on this post will all be posted as well on My Wall of Shame where they will remain.

Drumm Roll please!!!!

Marla Sissy Winner

…and the runner ups….

granny sissy


butterfly perch

…..and for the dishonorable mention …..

Blind Duck

Don’t forget to check out and enter the remaining and upcoming Contests … Click here for the current options!

Goddess Bella Donna

Contests and Exposures

Contests and Exposures

Let’s have some fun together!

If you are following Me on Twitter @ or have been watching My Timeline on Facebook you will have noticed that I have been posting a lot about various Contests and Exposure Opportunities.

Heck even if you haven’t you have noticed I talked about it here a few times as well.

Some of these contests and humiliation exposure opportunities are a Double Domme effort between Myself and Mixtrix.

dommingidolsWe have been having so much fun with this that we even decided to start a joined little Website (creative layout and building credit goes to Mixtrix on this one) you can check out here:

There as well as on our own individual Sites you can find the various Contests and Opportunities We have going on together.

Currently Our Best Sissy and Worst small Dick contest is drawing to an end at Midnight tonight August 22nd 2016


We’ve got some really funny and downright pathetically hilarious entries so far, but the winner has not been declared yet. So you can still enter. Mixtrix and I agreed that you can also do your Entry Fee with Niteflirt and turn your photo in there. Just remember you have to do it before Midnight tonight.

Also still ongoing at the moment is a contest for all of OUR CUM EATING JERK OFF BOYS!

cum eating contest

WE are already discussing further Contests and Games for you as well and are working on a very special surprise for our Sissies!!!

Now of course we both still have our individual things going as well haha. I mean come on now, working together is hilarious and soooo much fun, but we both have our styles and specialties we like to play in!

So today I added the following Contest into the mixture which is for all of my FAT PIGS – yup my disgusting fat boys who enjoy weight and fat fuck humiliation. They are part of My FAT PIG FARM of the Feeder / Feedee Sector!

Fat Fuck Pumpkin Pic Contest

For the Sissies I want to see the following:

Pillow humping Princess

I want to see some really creative Pics on those contests and opportunities! As you have noticed it has kind of a “Halloween theme” to it and that is for a reason!

Over the next few weeks you will see Me adding several “Halloween theme” Contests in various categories and the WINNERS will get a second chance for a second BIGGER PRIZE from Me if they are declared “GBDs HALLOWEEN FOOL 2016”. So basically all the winners from each of MY SOLO CONTESTS will be competing one more time on OCTOBER 30th against each other in order to get the Title and Grand Prize.

You will be able to Enter as many times as you want on each contest as long as you enter it with a NEW PICTURE and PAY the Entry Fee.

I am keeping them very small in order to allow you to be able to afford to enter. If you have a problem with paying the Entry fee via Niteflirt than email Me at and I’ll give you a couple other options.

Make sure you keep checking back to see what contests and opportunities are coming up and who the Winners are as they are being chosen.

Goddess Bella Donna

Professional Domination vs Lifestyle enslavement

Goddess Bella Donna

In real time the difference between Professional Domination and Lifestyle enslavement is very easy to hold apart. Most people would be able to tell you just by looking at it what the first involves you paying for the time and skills of the Lady, while the second one requires for you to serve the Lady in whatever areas and aspects She may desire.  Basically in the first you earn your playtime and permission to be in the presence of a Mistress via the payment of a by her decided on fee, while in the second case you earn it via doing mundane chores, running errands or any number of “jobs” or activities that will ease her life.

The one thing remains the same… You as the submissive have to take an action and do what She requires before you get what you want.

Now online it gets a lot more difficult to see the differences since essentially the only real service you can provide is monetary or financial.  I know, it’s depressing for you to hear that over and over again, especially for those who have a hangup about having to actually give up something valuable to them. Still the same equation as above holds true.


You as the submissive have to take an action (spend the MONEY on HER – send it to Her – transfer it to HER without whining, complaining and bitching about it) and what She requires (how She tells you it is to be done etc) before you get what you want (an opportunity to either become her devoted slave and get conditioned to Her or be allowed to avail yourself to any of the sessions She may offer.)

So where is the actual difference online between the two?

I suppose in a way that depends on the Lady with whom you are dealing with, but in general the biggest difference is this….

A Professional Session is usually more based on the fetishes and kinks you are into and the interaction only last as long as you have paid for the time frame you wanted to spend being played with or commanded by the Lady whom you approached. It’s a pure PAY TO PLAY aspect and very rarely are there any personal feeling involved in it.

Sure even among My clients who seek Me out for a Professional session do I have favorites that I enjoy just a little more than others, but that is about it.

I always think of it as providing My expertise and control in exchange for a financial payment for a duration of a time, without any relationship between U/us being involved. The time is up and you may go now. See you next time or not. At most I might do a follow up on someone with whom I had a more extreme session but that’s usually it.

Lifestyle enslavement on the other hand is very much a D/s relationship and it’s not a “you pay Me each time we interact” situation either. It will be like that perhaps in the beginning until I see you are not just a flaky fart who tries to get things cheaper (yup old trick) but once I see you are sincere then the monetary part turns into regular weekly tributes that are just done and out of the way and we focus on the fetishes, kinks, conditioning, and building of the solid foundation.

Now I actually take the interest and time to get to know you as a person not just a persona and I expect the same from you. I spend a lot of time with the person whom I am enslaving and not just in a fetish manner either. There are a lot of casual and regular conversations, a lot of just being together, along with all the play and conditioning. It becomes deeper and a lot more involved.


My slaves, subs and cash pets get to know Me on a lot deeper level then those who are only approaching Me when they are horny toaded. They literally “come home” to Me when they get off work and those who have already earned their stripes with Me have things like My Cellphone number so they can get a hold of Me even when I am out and about or travel etc.

They have open access to Me and I know they’d never abuse it either. It’s literally a Lifestyle type D/s relationship with the only difference being is that their servitude to Me is financial and that they “provide and take care” of what I want and need so I don’t have to work so hard all the time. They do it because to them it’s what makes Me happy and allows Me to spend more time with them.

Regardless so if Professional or Lifestyle I still remain in charge and I am the one who decides what gets done. I don’t accept session appointments that don’t interest Me or the person requesting them is lacking in the proper behavior and attitude with Me. They don’t get to script the session and I am nobodies puppet. I have no problem at all enforcing My will and rules, and if you can’t do what you are told then I suppose you don’t need to be sessioning with Me either.

I hope that helps a little.

Goddess Bella Donna

Bitch boy conditioning for aspiring good boys Part 1!

Bitch boy conditioning for aspiring good boys Part 1!

shoe picWhat makes a man a good boy for this Goddess? What turns a male who by upbringing most of the time is used to being about himself and what he wants into a pleasing submissive man that brings much happiness to Me? What is expected by Me from someone who seeks to become and remain MY good boy? Those are the types of Questions what will be answered here today in this “bitch boy conditioning for aspiring good boys”. I consider this a basic course material and one that all those among you who dream of being a sweet little bitch boy for Me and aspire to hear the all-important words “good boy” in the future from my lips or finger tips. So make sure you pay close attention as I educate and condition you in the proper bitch boy mindset and actions to be taken to reach your goal.

… 12 pages

$15.00 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through

Dare you serve a mature BBW Goddess?

Dare you serve a mature BBW Goddess?

If wishes were fishes nobody would be hungry!

GBD 8 13 2016  (79)

Ah the might and power of a mature BBW Goddess who knows exactly what She wants and how She wishes to be served, pleased, worshiped and adored. It’s intimidating to most poor lost souls out there that’s for sure.

There is something about being in the presence of someone who spits in the face of society, doesn’t run after every single trend, and is perfectly happy with who and how She is, that makes most boys and lesser beings tremble.

Knowing that you have no power over how She perceives herself and that you are unable to shame her into thinking any less of herself. A true Goddess in every sense of the Word that looks down on you with curiosity and if you are fortunate enough to gain her benevolence with interest towards you.

Being a woman of Stature and yes some girth haha, I have an attitude about Me that is larger than life. I don’t apologize for enjoying good foods that are tasty and rich. I love to eat and in My world good food, good company and good boys serving Me are all just part of My personal enjoyments.

Oh and I do have standards, requirements that you have to meet in order to be considered worthy of serving Me. Yes, I know that might come as a shock to you, but there it is. You’ll need to realize that I am an Idol, a Goddess, a Queen who will accept nothing less than complete adoration, worship, obedience and submission to Me. I deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and yes I know that I have every right to claim your money as My own if you wish to serve Me as My slave or bitch boy.

That it should be otherwise doesn’t even cross My mind. To Me that is the natural order of things and if you can’t agree with it and live up to it, then you have no use to Me at all.

I am not interested in wishy washy guys who can’t follow through on what I demand or who think that it should be all about them.

If you want that then you buy content, you purchase time with Me on My Phone Listings, and even than you only get what I enjoy giving to you.

When it comes to actually serving Me however, being My slave, having the HONOR of being MY bitch, it’s so very different. I don’t cater to you, but you will cater to Me.  You will be of USE TO ME or you will be ignored and forgotten.

The moment you ask Me what is in it for you, I know you are not the boy for Me. I’ll turn My head and walk the other way. If you don’t realize that what’s in it for you is the opportunity to PLEASE a QUEEN among women – ME – than you are not in the right frame of mind anyways.

You leave your Ego at the door when you approach Me, I will tell you what you My find pride in. Your cock, haha, that is for MY amusement only and unless I DEMAND to see it or am enjoying a bit of fun via one of My contests, you better keep it locked up and in your pants or panties bitch boy. Trust Me I’ve seen My share, yours is not one bit impressive to Me.

Here is the thing and you need to understand this. As a Goddess I know that you need Me a lot more than I will ever need you. You desire attention, to be noticed, to be humiliated, to be turned into the toy that I want to play with most and become the slave that you dreamed of being for so long. For that you need ME which means that until you give Me a reason to feel benevolent towards you and even want to notice you, you can wish all you want, but you aren’t getting any of it.

I have the Power, naturally, indisputable power over men, simply by knowing what I am worth and who I am. I didn’t need to become empowered as a woman, that’s silly, being a Woman already gave Me all the Power I needed over boys just like you.

Oh and I know it too, which is why you find disdain and nothing else in Me when you think you can come at Me with demands or self-serving attitudes. Who are you little bug beneath My feet? I don’t think I can see or hear you until you learn your place, beg properly and seek to be elevated enough by ME to be even worthy of notice.

There are millions of women on this Earth, but there is only ONE Me. Unique, powerful, creative, demanding, kind when warranted and utterly cruel in a delicious way when in that type of mood.

You at best can dream of being MY toy and plaything, My amusement and slave. You will provide whatever I desire, or I shall decide that you do NOT exist to Me.

Feel inferior and in your place yet? You should, because that is where you belong in MY REALM and the only way you can make it to MY feet and under My thumb.

Now go and make yourself useful to Me. Either by providing a valuable service to Me that I desire to have done, or in the only way you can otherwise…

With MONEY into My hands, because you have nothing else to offer Me. If you do well enough I may find it in My heart to acknowledge you, but that depends on how well you did and if you know your place… Remember to always THANK ME for allowing you to live up to your purpose beneath Me.

Giftrocket Tributes to
Google Wallet Tribute to
or you can always send your tributes to Me at where you can add a note of worship and glory to My divinity as well.

Well what are you waiting for boy… snap to it!

Goddess Bella Donna

Sissy and Cuck Models free exposure opportunity

Sissy and Cuck Models free exposure opportunity

A win / win situation!

Model My content

You love showing off and being seen, I enjoy seeing My content which I created just for you on you.

Over the last couple of years I have watched Sissies and cuckolds purchase my usable items on My Cafepress store for Sissies and Cucks and I always wanted to see them wearing and enjoying them.

So I have decided to offer you this special opportunity to get a spot in the Spotlight here on this Blog.

All you have to do is purchase an item or several items from the Store and once they arrive take a photo of you wearing it.

Send the photo to Me at and I will post it up in My Look at My Models Page. I will put that Page up as soon as the first few photos arrive.

Oh and I’d really love it if you spread the word for Me as well. Tweet, retweet and let your sissy friends now about My Cafepress Store and this little Photo Task Op!

I can’t wait to see the first photos coming in!

Goddess Bella Donna

Those humiliations just keep coming boys!

Those humiliations just keep coming boys!

Contests – yes two

The Best Sissy and worst small penis pic contest is still going on right now and so far Mixtrix and I have had a few interesting Sissy Pic entries. Well they were sent to Mixtrix so far since I was offline for 7 days, but I did have a good chuckle looking at them today.

Boy you little sluts sure like to strike a pose eh? I do have to say that I want to see BETTER then that. Come on now it’s not that impressive so far. I’ve seen much better.

Currently the small penis pecker brigade seems to have a problem finding their dicks on the other hand. Not that I can blame them, hell it has to be a pain in the ass to have to look for a BIG LENS for your camera so you can take a pic where we can see them. 😛

With that in mind I have pulled up a few old contest winners from years back so you have an idea of what might just happen to you if I get creative with wee wee pics.

You’ll see a Wall of Shame popping up soon and the pics will go on there.

For now so…. drum roll please… WE – yes I and Mixtrix again because we are having a blast screwing with your minds and humiliating you together have decided to run another little contest.

This time it’s for you nasty cum eating lapdogs. Yup all of those who just love to guzzle up THEIR OWN Cum…

cum eating contest

Now what I want to see are pics of you creatively preparing your “yummy” meal and then devouring it in a nasty fashion. So One entry is 2 pics. The first one is the preperation and then second one the devouring.

Let me give you an example of what I would find fun to see and that is only an example so dig into that filthy mind of yours and impress the hell out of me with your ability to be disgusting jism eaters.

Example; Pic #1 you with our naked ass and an apron tied around you or some kind of funny outfit on jerking into a pot of oatmeal (Preperation)  Pic #2 You on your hands and knees like the pigs you are slurping the cum oatmeal out of a bowl – NO hands

I think you get the picture. Make it amusing and humiliating for you!

Remember only the very best will make it to the Wall of Shame and get a nice public humiliation out of it. Commentary by yours truly!

Well what are you waiting for … Snap to it!

Goddess Bella Donna

Fetish boy casual bitch application and questionnaire.

Fetish boy casual bitch application and questionnaire.

Yup it’s all about you – pay to play style

When it comes to fetish boys who only “feel submissive” when they are horny you get your poor little wallets abused and drained from the very start. Yes, even requesting and applying for your humiliation and getting your fix starts with having to pull out your wallet and do what you claim to get hot for … pay to be humiliated for the weakness it brings you.

So let’s get you started here with this easy to fill out fetish boy casual bitch application and questionnaire. Make sure you answer all of the questions below honestly.

I am asking you all kinds of fetish and kink related questions. Some of them will force you to admit to your “loser” status while others are giving me a better picture of just how broad or tight your fetish enjoyment spectrum is.

I will give you an honest evaluation back via a PPV and we will go from there. Fill the answers out beneath each question and don’t skip questions either. Send it back to me fully filled out.

(Not an application for those who are truly looking to be financially dominated. That’s something very different. This is for the fetish boys only!)

$15.00 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through

Will you be crowned the most pathetic loser?

Will you be crowned the most pathetic loser?

Sissy and Small Dicked Loser Pic Contest!


All your pic entries will be posted on and MY Contest Page right here on after you have paid your entrance fee and sent in your pics.

Best Sissy Pic and Worst small penis dick pic winners will compete for most pathetic loser crown and the Double Domme Skype Session.

Public discussions about your entries on both Twitter and in Findoms Chatroom will be part of our decision process I am sure…

So make sure you sent your very best and very worst to US today.

Deadline is August 22nd and Winner will be announced at that point!

Goddess Bella Donna

Edited August 22nd: Contest is now closed see the winner and runner ups by clicking here

Financial Domination, Financial Fetish by Mature BBW Goddess Bella Donna